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We Offer a FREE Customer Shuttle to the Nearest Train Station

Ohana Auto & Truck Repair in San Mateo, CA has over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry. Our experienced auto mechanics can provide you with the auto repair service you need at an affordable price. We offer general auto repairs for trucks and cars. When it comes to your transmission, brakes, air conditioning system, suspension, and other essential car parts, you want to make sure the service and repair you receive is of top quality! If you have any questions about our services, fill out our contact form or give us a call today. We offer FREE ESTIMATES!

Our Car & Truck Services Include:

  • Air Conditioning Service & Repair

  • Brake System Service & Repair

  • Ball Joints Service & Repair

  • Computer Diagnostic Service 

  • Control Arms Service & Repair

  • Cooling System Service & Repair

  • Drive Axles Service & Repair

  • Drive Shafts Service & Repair

  • Electrical System Service & Repair

  • Engine Service & Repair

  • Oil Change & Filter Service

  • Radiator Service & Repair

  • Shocks & Struts Service & Repair

  • Suspension Service & Repair

  • Thermostat Service & Repair

  • Transmission Service & Repair

  • Tune Up Service

  • Water Pump Service & Repair

Don't see a service you need listed above? Give Ohana Auto & Truck Repair in San Mateo, CA a call today to see how we can help. 

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