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Customer Testimonials

"Aloha! We are so happy to have found this auto repair place!  We have a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee and let's just say it needs some services to be performed.  The owner and mechanic was formerly trained  By Jeep &  Had lots of experience working on our particular model and year Of our Jeep. With great detail he showed me what was wrong, what needs to be done and was very confident he can finish & do the job correctly. I am very grateful to have met him today And look forward to bringing back our Jeep to get the rest of the repairs done within the next week. I highly recommend this auto repair facility! Mahalo & HAPPY Aloha Friday!"

- Christopher C.

"Ohana auto truck repair is exactly what it stands for family! Victor is amazing and a master mechanic you can can trust to do the job right the first time and always be fair what he charges his customers. Judy that runs the office exemplifies customer service at its highest standard. Ohana is family owned and operated and they treat you like family when you walk through their doors. Don't waste your time with the rest goes straight to the best, Ohana automotive and truck repair always have your back! You leave there happy, smiling and with your wallet intact. I towed to my ford to his shop in the East Bay because the mechanic over here to look at the car wanted $1700 to fix my daughters car and Victor at Ohana charge me only $540! He is a lifesaver and truly cares about his customers and their safety."

- Kris C.

"I called this place to see if I could get my brakes looked at.  Victor tells me to just come by and he'll take a look.  We pop by and Victor was super honest with brakes needed now, but saw that we needed an oil change did it for us.  I can appreciate the honesty, good service, and just a legit company who cares about the consumer!  Go here!!!  Don't hesitate!!"

- Taina M.

"Wow what can I say about Victor that hasn't been already said. The man was the only one who  was willing to help me get my 1991 Toyota Supra Turbo smog legal. The car needed a vacuum system and EGR system installed. Everything was taken care of properly. He resurfaced a used set of brake rotors and installed the rotors, pads and calipers on my car. He installed some fog lights and just completed the battery relocation from the front to the rear of the car. The car runs like a dream and I owe it all to Victor.  He's easy to talk to, his prices are more than fair, and most importantly, I value his advice because he wouldn't tell you what to do with your car unless you absolutely needed it.  I wouldn't hesitate to refer anyone to Victor and I won't be bringing my Supra anywhere else. THANK YOU OHANA!"

- Jan-Ivan I.. from San Mateo, CA

"Victor, the owner, has been my mechanic for over 20 years. He's serviced all of my vehicles, including my '87 VW Westfalia camper (I'm the original owner!). He is most capable and most honest! I would recommend him to my mom and grandma if they allowed cars in heaven!"

- Anthony A. from San Mateo, CA

"Victor has been my go to guy for all my cars for the past 10 plus years. I will not bring my car anywhere else! If your looking for an honest reliable mechanic Ohana auto is the place to go! Anything from filling my tire with air as I drive passed to figuring out what was wrong on my Durango (dealership couldn't figure out) Victor will complete the job with complete accuracy and always has a smile on his face when you walk in the door. Oh extra bonus is Judy with her treats and coffee in the office!"

- Maribel E. from Millbrae, CA

"Victor is honest, funny and fair! There are never any surprises. He does quality work and only recommends what absolutely must be done. Love it!"

- Briana F. from San Mateo, CA


"OHANA,,,thank you Victor for all your help,,you are a real craftsman..repairing my ole buick was something I thought was never possible. that suspension was so bad until you got it right.all the other shops I went to seemed to guess about the issues..he drove it and a day later it was A OK..the real kicker was he gave me a price that was much lower than all the other places I checked with..also thank you for the fuel pump..that made my day...when it comes to fixing anything,,victor has the knowledge..electric or otherwise..dont waste a minute searching."

- Paul A. from Redwood City, CA


"My go-to place for everything my car needs, from oil change to windshield wipers. Victor does a great job of maintaining my car and his price is reasonable. I'm a regular customer and reason why I come back is because Victor knows what he's doing and he is reliable.!"

- Maria G. from San Mateo, CA


"I found this excellent mechanic through a Penny Saver Ad in late 2012, and am really glad I did. Victor is a first rate mechanic, having worked on my Infinity Q45, (front brakes, fuel injectors, rear brakes), and our Honda Accord several times. He is competent, fair, honest and reasonable. I highly recommend him."

- John P. from San Mateo, CA

"I've been meaning to write this review for awhile. First off, Victor is amazing! I have been going to Ohana for about a year now and have nothing but compliments and praise to give. The first car that I took to Ohana was an absolute train wreck with how many issues it had but Victor met the challenge head on and fixed as many problems as I could afford to keep me mobile. I cannot begin to explain how run down I allowed that car to become, completely my fault, but Victor was a complete champ about it and never made me feel like a car ignorant girl or gave me a lecture about car maintenance. I now have a new car that I have vowed to maintain and with Victor's help I have no doubt that it will stay in tip top shape. He always has time to answer any questions I have. I have never had to wait more than two days for an appointment and his prices are VERY competitive. I never leave feeling like I was over charged. The shop is clean and well taken care of. Overall, I highly recommend Ohana Auto for any service you need on your car! I refer Ohana to everyone I know. Way to go Victor and thank you for everything!!"

- Mandi W. from Redwood City, CA


"I went to Ohana because I saw it had 5 stars on Yelp so decided to take my chances. Never been there before. And my experience was outstanding. In fact I'm planning on taking my other car there too.  I worked with a guy named Victor. I went in for a basic service - oil and filter change. As luck would have it, when I walkd to get my car from my office parking area, I noticed the rear tire had a flat. Upon closer inspection, I saw there was a screw in it! Bummer. So I had to detour to a gas station, fill up air in the rear tire and drive over to Ohana. I told Victor the problem with the tire and he said that's not a problem to accommodate fixing it. While my car was there, guess what... Victor showed me a screw in the other rear tire as well! And that needed fixed too. So he took care of it as well. He checked everything - brakes, fluids, even cleaned the windshield by hand and told me all was fine.  He didn't try to sell me any "recommended" services nor try to upsell the oil brand etc just to make more margin. This place is as honest as they come when it comes to auto repair and maintenance.  At this point, I'm definitely planning on continuing to go to Ohana for my auto maintenance and repair in future."

- Ashish S. from San Mateo, CA


"I dropped in from a referral from Atlas Auto Glass, and Victor helped me right away.  I will forego the dealer to take my car to Victor any day."

- Revelle B. from Foster City, CA


"Victor is an awesome mechanic, his prices are great. Ohana Auto stays true to its name, he will treat you like family, minus the drama."

- Joe L. from San Mateo, CA


"Just went in here last week for minor maintenance on my Tacoma.  Got tired of wasting money at Putnam for half-assed work at premium prices, and my other "trusted" mechanic was starting to overcharge me for recent work.  I just needed the glorified oil change (80K mi service) and I knew that the dealer overcharges, so I started calling around to local shops.  I came across Ohana's ad in the Pennysaver and looked them up on Yelp to see what kind of reviews they got.  Seeing that they got 5-stars, I called them up to see how much they can do the service for.  They quoted me 1/3rd the price that the dealership charges.  I decided to have them do my trucks service.  When I got there, the place was small, clean, and neat.  They gave me professional service and when I came to pick up my truck about an hour later, he explained, in detail, exactly what he did.  He gave me top notch service and was a very friendly guy, and I hope now that I found my new local mechanic.  I will definitely be recommending Ohana to my friends and coworkers now."

- Bryan P. from San Mateo, CA 

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